Press Clipping
Changui Majadero in Midwest Record
CHANGUI MAJADERO: Ah, the joys of cross pollination. As usual, this gringo has no idea what this Latin bunch is singing about, but that doesn't matter. On tap here is Changui music, a Cuban sound that pre-dates salsa, as rediscovered by a cat from East L.A. Totally indigenous and unvarnished sounding, it's easy to mistake this at first pass for restaurant or gift shop music, but do yourself a favor and stick around a few more bytes before drawing conclusions. A real charmer for the armchair traveler, you'll have a blast sinking in to this sound as it works it's Afro Cuban magic on you coming directly from a time and place that only exists in the rear view mirror. A real tasty treat that brings the caliente in just the right measure. Well done.